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Апсолут од ружи

Апсолут од ружи

(Rosa damascena)

Во нашите производи етеричното масло од рози го добиваме од дамаск розите. (Rosa damascena, од фамилијата на рози Rosaceae). Тие растат во Бугарија, Турција, Русија, Индија и Кина . It is obtained by solvent extraction. Other rose species can be used to produce rose oils and absolutes. Rose is thought to be the first floral. We also use rose oil from the same plant.

We are one of the main buyers of rose absolute in the world.

The Damask rose is grown across Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, India and China.

Rose absolute is dark reddish brown in colour and has a sweet, floral, rosy aroma. There are around 300 constituents in rose absolute, but some of the main ones are citronellol, geraniol and phenyl ethyl alcohol.  This means the absolute has a complex aroma and many interesting properties.

Rose is said to have been the first floral essential oil to be distilled.

Rose absolute and rose oil are popular in perfumery and aromatherapy. Aromatherapists recommend rose for depression, sadness and grief. It is also believed to have a balancing effect on emotions. The scent of rose is considered an aphrodisiac. At the same time, it has been an ancient symbol of love and innocence.

Rose absolute is a great ingredient for moisturising products and it is good choice for mature, rough or irritated skins. We use this oil to help improve skin’s appearance and to perfume skin and hair.

Our lovingly created, heart-shaped Tisty Tosty Ballistic contains rose absolute to soothe skin and relax a weary mind. To create a sense of well-being, we’ve also added it to our creamy Amandopondo Bubble Bar.

We’ve used rose absolute as part of the scent our famous Daddyo shampoo.

Rose absolute is perfect for dry and rough skins, making it a perfect ingredient in our range of hand creams and body lotions, including Dream Cream and Smitten.