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Bentonite Gel

Bentonite Gel

(Bentonite Gel)

Bentonite is a type of clay derived from volcanic ash deposits found in the United States of America, though it does occur around the world.

Bentonite holds up to fifteen times its own weight of water due to its platelet-like structure.

Bentonite gel has soothing qualities.

We use this clay gel as a base for face masks. It gives a wonderful slip and feel to the product, which makes it easy to apply.

These clays have healing qualities and have been traditionally used as poultices.

Bentonite gel absorbs grease and dirt from the skin, while tightening at the same time, smoothing out fine lines.

We use bentonite gel in many of our fresh face masks - including

The Sacred Truth


and Brazened Honey - both as a gel base for the product

ease of application

and the cleansing and soothing qualities."